Mask Hygiene

How Often Should I Be Washing My Mask

If you wear your mask to places where you’re in direct or indirect contact with other people, it may become contaminated since you don't know their health status. Similarly, you're always taking it off and placing it on surfaces that may not be as clean as you think. 

Outside appearances may deceive you into thinking that your mask is perfectly clean and doesn't need a wash anytime soon. So today, we’ll address the common questions people have when it comes to keeping masks clean:


How do I properly take off my mask before a wash? 

Before taking off your mask, always assume that its exterior has been contaminated so you can have the proper mindset to handle it properly.  

Start by cleaning your hands or sanitizing with a hand sanitizer. Avoid touching the front part of the mask as it may be contaminated. Hold the mask on both sides of your ears as you remove it away from your face. 

If you happen to touch the front part, sanitize or wash your hands. For a disposable mask, dispose it in a bin and then wash or sanitize your hands. If your mask has a single-use filter, you will need to dispose of it.


So how often should I be washing my mask? 

Masks need to be washed every day. If you're using washable masks, it's recommended to stock up on several pieces to have a clean one ready.  You can wash your mask with the rest of your laundry and use regular detergent. Soap removes viruses from the mask by breaking and removing them. You don't need to use antibacterial soap or hand sanitizer on your masks.


How should I clean my mask? 

You can use a washing machine or wash it by hand.  When using a washing machine, use the permissible water temperature that will not damage the cloth material. Utilizing a mesh laundry bag can help prevent sagging. Also, note that not all masks can go into the washer. Read the label first if the mask has one. 

When washing by hand, you can soak the mask in diluted bleach for about 5 minutes. Afterward, rinse the mask using running water. It's also possible to use regular hand soap or detergent when hand washing. 

There's no need to soak the mask in hot water before washing it as hot water may shrink natural fabrics.


How can I dry my mask after washing? 

It is possible to use a dryer, but since masks are very light, they can air-dry quickly. If you can place your mask in direct sunlight, all the better. 


Where can I buy reusable masks?

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