FAITHMASKS; a groundbreaking concept in design creating faith-based images that have never been seen before.

Photomicrography is the spectacular use of photography to capture images in a microscope that dates back to the invention of the photographic process. Faithmasks is the first company to use faith-based micro-images from authentic religious art, symbols, and elements onto everyday masks to be intertwined with contributing to a better world. Using photomicrography we’ve been able to show you never before seen explosions of crystallized patterns and vibrant colors.

We have teamed up with BioBus NYC to create our spirited images. We knew a partnership with BioBus would be successful when we realized we had very similar core values. BioBus is a mobile research lab based in NYC. Their mission is to help minority, female, and low-income K - 12 and college students, explore, and pursue science. Together, we can bring science, education, and faith together.

Faithmasks: Your faith in a new light.

Creating our 'Purity' mask. A design inspired from a sample of blessed Holy Water.