Faith, fortitude, and family are our central guiding values.

For countless people worldwide, faith is a powerful source and cornerstone for their sense of identity and community. Specifically, religious faith provides value, a greater perspective toward relationships, moral and ethical convictions, priorities, hopes and dreams, and definitions of success. Over the past decade, the world has experienced a financial crisis, natural disasters, and tragedies. Where do people turn during crises? Their faith. Now more than ever, religion provides guidance and inspiration.

While the folks at FM come from all different backgrounds and religious faiths, together we have created a groundbreaking, lifestyle brand. Our never seen before faith-based images are created from various items and elements from religions such as Catholicism, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Sikhism and many more. Our goal is to bring people together and express their beliefs in new ways. Whether worn in quiet confidence or as a talking piece , each unique mask design offers a personal way to celebrate and deepen a central or growing faith.

In fact, all of our masks are designed lovingly and reverently with thought, research, and collaborative artistry.

Within different objects of faith come sentimental value, now you can choose from wearing a piece of Rosary Beads, Holy Water, the Masada Rock, and more every day. These pieces hold sentimental value in each faith, let each one protect you in a 2021 way.

Since philanthropy is an integral part of our mission, Faithmasks will donate proceeds to benefit the COVID-19 response fund and BioBus.org.

Together, we welcome you to our Faithmasks family!

Faithmasks logo over an image of people standing in the shape of planet Earth